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November 21, 2005 | Restless | Pentax K1000

Damn, I wish I could quit coffee. I drank far too much this morning and was edgy all day long. And I still am. Work is super busy, which means working nights. Not as easy as it used to be, since nights only start for me once L is asleep. And by then I'm tired. Ha, the perils of parenting.

I posted this shot tonight, not only because I have a love for images of crumpled fabric (which dates back to my college days), but as of Thursday I will no longer be sleeping on a matress on the floor. After 3pm, I will own a bed.

Five good things: Adding the Venice Biennale to my wishlist of things to do before I'm 40, adding The Namib to my wish list of places I want to visit before I'm 40, bedtime and books with L, afternoon cheese and wine during our design status meeting, Christmas.

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